eFlip vs eForm

February 2, 2016 Jessica Dholakia

Historically, the process of submitting an invoice to your customer include: creating it, printing it, stuffing it into an envelope, mailing it, waiting for you customer to receive, open, and manually key it into their system. Luckily with eInvoicing this cycle is completely broken and you have the ability to save time, money, and resources with Inbox by Taulia.

Submitting invoices has never been easier or more flexible. With Inbox by Taulia you can submit your invoice in a way that works best for you all in a free, easy-to-use portal.

  1. Log in to your portal
  2. Submit an invoice:
    • Use eFlip to submit. With eFlip you can simply flip a purchase order from your customer and send the invoice on it’s way. If there are edits to be made, simply adjust the editable field.
    • Fill out a simple eForm (webform) for non-po based invoices.
  3. Enjoy a few extra minutes to yourself because you have successfully submitted your invoices.

Want something else to brag about? Since you submitted your invoice through the portal you now are able to receive: real-time invoice status confirmation, 24/7 visibility, decreased processing times, and even early payment offer opportunities from your customers. So go on, start invoicing on the portal, today!

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