Messaging: Making Dispute Communication Efficient and Effective

February 2, 2016 Jessica Dholakia

The Taulia supplier portal makes communication between you and your customer efficient and effective. Suppliers can now access the portal 24/7 to discuss invoices, POs, and payment details through the message center.

You now have the ability to send a message directly to your buyer about any invoice, PO, or payment. If you have a question about an invoice status, or want to know why a payment was made, simply use the portal to relay your question. Your customer will receive the message directly in their accounting system, reaching them instantly with all the information they need to resolve the issue.

Save valuable time. Sending messages through the portal means you no longer need to spend time on the phone with your customer while they research your questions. When you send a message through the portal, the message automatically syncs with the relevant data so your customer has complete transparency into your inquiry.

Say goodbye to S.O.S. fax messages, PO inquiry voicemails, & payment detail emails, and start messaging on the Taulia supplier portal.

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