Feature Highlight! Email Settings: Take Control of Your Inbox

April 18, 2016 Joel Keifer

At Taulia, we pride ourselves on keeping you updated on all your transactions with your customers...but, we’ve heard from some of you and that this volume of communications may be a little much. You can now put your inbox anxiety to rest! Our latest feature update gives you greater control of which notifications YOU want to receive.

Finally you have the power to select which of your company’s branches (such as your different business entities or locations) and which of your customers you would like to receive email notifications for. This feature is easy to adjust and is currently available under the Settings > My Email Settings section on Taulia. Keep in mind these settings are specific to your user profile. For more details you can check out this help tutorial on how it  works.

Additionally, we’d like to remind you that you can configure which Email Types you would like to receive on the same page. Remember: these selections apply universally to all of your customers.

And that’s it! We hope this helps you lighten your inbox with specifically tailored communications just for you!

Email Settings - Final Implemented Design - marketing.png

This feature and many others have been designed based on your feedback. We hope that you continue to share your thoughts with us!


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